We provide a comprehensive insurance valuation service, with all valuations prepared on the premises. Photographic records can be included on request. The normal charge for this service is 1.5% of the total value (i.e. £15 per £1000.00 valued) plus VAT at the current rate. For substantially higher total values we are prepared to quote at a reduced percentage or negotiate a set figure. Our valuations will provide detailed descriptions of your valuables and where appropriate we will estimate weight of stones, carat values, and age. Valuations are supplied in a presentation folder with extra copies for your retention. We also keep a copy of your valuation on file.

We recommend that insurance valuations should be up-dated at least every five years, though your insurers may recommend a more frequent valuation.

Written Estimates can usually be prepared at no charge for insurance claims for lost, stolen or damaged items .We can help you to deal with your insurance company , especially if you need to replace an antique or period item .Your insurance company cannot compel you to accept vouchers or a modern replacement in lieu of the antique item that has been lost .

We also specialise in valuations for probate purposes.

If you are considering selling an item of jewellery, porcelain, silver or furniture, we can provide you with an opinion as to it’s value.

A Gem Testing and Certification Service can also be provided.